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Patient Support

Enzyvants CONNECT is a program that help patients with congenital athymia and their caregiver by providing support throughout the treatment journey. The Enzyvant CONNECT team will assist families with: Provide educational tools and support to guide you through each step … Continue reading

How to access Treatment

RETHYMIC® (allogeneic processed thymus tissue–agdc) is currently available at one location in Durham, North Carolina. Here you will find information on accessing RETHYMIC. If you and your child’s doctor decide that RETHYMIC® is right for your child, your doctor should … Continue reading

Educational Resources

Find information, downloads and links to patient organizations to help you and your family. Congenital Athymia Resources

Clinical Trials

The safety and efficacy of RETHYMIC® was evaluated in 105 patients across 10 clinical trials. The effectiveness of RETHYMIC® was evaluated in 95 of those patients with congenital athymia in 10 clinical trials with follow-up of up to 25.5 years. … Continue reading


RETHYMIC® is indicated for immune reconstitution in pediatric patients with congenital athymia. RETHYMIC® is not for use in patients who have been diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).

After Treatment

How long will it take for my child to start making T cells? Immune reconstitution is the creation of naïve T cells. Immune reconstitution sufficient to protect from infection is unlikely to develop prior to 6-12 months after treatment with … Continue reading

About us

The diagnosis of congenital athymia can be overwhelming. Here you will find answers to common questions families have at the time of diagnosis. What is congenital athymia? Congenital athymia is an ultra-rare condition in which a child is born without … Continue reading